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8Hours powers PlayTable - the world’s first blockchain-enabled tabletop game console, where physical pieces come to life.


Mission Statement

8Hours is founded with the mission to connect people and encourage social interactions. We found that the best way to foster social bonds is simply by spending 8 hours a week interacting with each other, and so we set out to the most meaningful experiences there are: social play. We remain truthful to our human nature by bridging the physical and digital worlds in order to create the best possible open gaming ecosystem that is all about connecting people together.


What is 8Hours?

8Hours is a platform for everyone.  We capture the value that is created from meaningful social experiences and deliver that value directly to members of the ecosystem.

Game Developers

Game Developers use 8Hours to offer unique game mechanics, integrate physical toys, and mint their own in-game currencies.


Publishers use 8Hours to secure and track their IP, promote their games, build trust with the community, and further monetize their games.

Toy Manufacturers

Toy Manufacturers use 8Hours as a convenient way to collaborate with publishers, market their products, and guarantee authenticity.


Gamers use 8Hours to verify the authenticity of their collectibles, purchase content within marketplaces, and participate in community activities.



A founding partner of 8Hours, PlayTable is the ultimate social gaming experience. Tabletop and board games have a way of connecting people that has been true for thousands of years, and now it’s time to bring that experience to the 21st century.

PlayTable has all of your favorite board games, so you can make Game Night with your family & friends easier than ever. It is the backbone of Toy Reality since it has true linkage of toys.  Using PlayTable or your phone, you can easily trade tokens, view balances, and get rewarded within your PlayTable account.

You can also connect your phone for the most fun and wild party games you’ve ever experienced. The user-friendly nature of PlayTable means it is accessible to all ages.  It also serves to bring blockchain to the masses by making an abstract concept tangible.

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Why VeChain?

VeChain’s pioneering technology for RFID systems highly complements Toy Reality’s technology for a true link between digital content and physical items.  VeChainThor's technology is currently the most advanced technology and provides the best features for business-oriented scenarios.  This is critical for supporting the accessibility of 8Hours' network of game developers, toy makers, and players.

Multi-party Payments makes (MPP) it easy for sponsorship of new partners and gamers into the ecosystem and onboarding fans in the most user-friendly way possible.  With MPP, players don't need a comprehensive understanding of how blockchain works in order to participate in transactions, because the foundation can fund the transaction payment on behalf of the player.  Multi-Task Transactions (MTT) bring accessibility to developers and end-users for business context that’s not built on any other blockchain.  The batching of transactions and increased contract flexibility helps to make financial operating costs transparent and predictable.


Looking Forward

Q2 2019

  • Partnership with CREAM
  • Join VeChainThor Blockchain community
  • Hardware development finished
    - RFID technology tuned
    - Manufacturing processes set up
    - Electrical components & controlling software integrated
    - Mechanical engineering and tooling complete
  • Private Sale

Q3 2019

  • Alpha Testing and integration into PlayTable
  • Framework for building games complete
  • Design spec and guidelines for games complete
  • Public Sale, Mint Token, Distribute Token

Q4 2019

  • Core user-facing software platform complete
  • Development for launch library of games
  • Partnership with publishers for game IP

Q1 2020

  • Production release of core features and launch to users
  • First game launched on network using PlayTable

Q3 2020

  • Release of several original games from 3rd party game studios
  • SDKs available for 3rd party game development
  • Growing the 3rd party developer ecosystem
  • PlayTable available globally

Q2 2022

  • Pursue AAA IP partnerships
  • Collaboration with enterprise partners
  • Continue growth-oriented business development


Nice To Meet You

John Dempsey

Founding Director

Shane Zhu

General Manager

Joe Brogno

Creative Director

Ye Deng

Software Director

Sherman Meredith

Lead Blockchain Engineer

Jiaqi Wang

SDK Architect

Sam Lee

VP of Hardware



Glen Schofield

Prolific name in AAA game industry
3x Call of Duty, grossing $1B+

John Wilson

Former Razer CTO
Shipped dozens of award-winning consumer electronics devices

Kris Alexander

Chief Strategist at Akamai
Built business from $0 to $100M+

Sean Barger

Gaming industry veteran who has published over 55 titles - most notably "Tetris"


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